Hours and Location
Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-6pm.  We are located at 3431 Broadway St, suite A5, American Canyon (just north of Vallejo), CA 94503.  Look behind the Thai Kitchen restaurant.  We only admit the number of people we can help at any given time.  If there are more people than that, we issue a pager so you can sit comfortably in your car.

Fees - Summary
Private party (where both people are in the store at once) is $10
Transfer fee (mostly applicable to a web order or shipment) is $75
The state DROS fee for all guns is $37.19
Ammo transfer (usually ordered online) is $21 for the first 3 boxes, then $10 per box after that.

No one likes to wait.  However, no one likes to be rushed either.  So, it’s very hard to predict how long each customer will take, therefore using an appointment system is not practical.  Just come and visit us.  The least busy times are Wednesdays and Thursdays, followed by Fridays.  Tuesdays and Saturdays are usually very busy.

The good news is that most firearms are available, much more so than when COVID was around more.  While the shortages are mostly over, prices haven’t dropped back to pre-pandemic prices, and probably won’t.  Inventory varies week to week, and sometimes day to day.  You can expect to see the most common firearms in stock,  most of the time.  Calling for a stock check is only good at that time.  People are encouraged to come in and browse.  If we don’t have something we can usually order it for you.

We are very proud to have some of the most capable gunsmiths in the Bay Area.  Gunsmithing is quoted by the job and we must see most things to make a commitment.  We also will give you a time frame for your job, and will call you as soon as it’s ready, which is usually sooner than the time quoted.  As for status checks, no one is more impatient than the owner of the shop, so we understand.  However, we can either use time to work on guns feverishly, or we can spend time getting the status of job.  If you would like an update on your job within the time frame you were given, there is a $10 charge.  If it's past the due date, we are sorry about that and will get you a full update free of charge, of course.

Buying Guns Online or Doing a Transfer by Shipment.
Transfer Fee is $75

Ordering a gun to be shipped to us is fine, providing its CA legal.  If they want a copy of our FFL, you can email and ask that he send a copy to the sellers email address (include the email address where the FFL should go).  The dealer will need to include your contact info and his/her FFL along with a CA shipping letter.  If they don't know what a shipping letter (specific to CA), have them look here will call you after your firearm is processed, which is usually about 3-4 hours after it arrives.  However, on occasion it can take up to 24 hours.  You will come in and do paperwork.

Ordering/buying a gun from an individual to be shipped to us is fine, providing its CA legal.  The seller can use this site and enter our FFL#9-68-04076 to make sure we're a legit dealer.  Have the seller ship the item with a copy of his or her ID and the buyer's name and phone #. We call you about 3-4 hours after it arrives.  You will come in and do paperwork.

Appraisal Service
We offer two kinds of appraisals.

We use sales experience, the Blue Book Value of Guns, and/or sold prices on auction.  There isn’t much extensive research.  $20 per firearm.  This is good for everyday average guns or those of low value.  It’s good for FYI

Formal/ formally written
This is more extensive research, takes longer, and the appraisal comes in a formal document, usually used for insurance or estate values.  This is $100 plus $20 per gun.

A “transfer” is when a firearm arrives for the customer.  It doesn’t matter if it’s new, used, or a gift.  The cost is $75 (for all transfers, other than private party (PPT). If a firearms is sent to you, we encourage tracking.   However, it takes about 3-4 hour to process all the guns that come in and then we call people.  If it shows delivered and you don't receive a call after four hours, and we're still open (before 6pm), then there could be something wrong.  Call the shop 707-647-2511 or use the text feature on our website.  Please remember we can't always get to the phone or answer all texts immediately.

Private Party Transfer (PPT)
A PPT is defined as a transfer through a dealer where both parties are present and both are residents of California.  Dealers do not like to do PPTs because the state limits the charge to $10, so each transfer is money lost.  However, we are more than happy to do your PPTs since you must come into our shop and meet our staff.  This is a good opportunity to gain new customers.  No appointment is needed, however we may only be able to process one transaction at time.  Those seeking to PPT multiple guns will have to allocate a little extra time.  No appointment necessary.  We’d rather have you in our shop than being turned away by another.

California Legal / Transferable
Nothing here is legal advice.  This section is meant as a guide.  The customer is still responsible to ensure the firearm they are attempting to procure is legal and transferable.  It’s a bit of a complex issue, but it’s worth the time to read this section.

Handguns (sometimes called “pistol,” or “revolver”), mut be either 1) proven to be more than 50 years old (for that particular firearm), or 2) it must be on the California Approved Handgun Roster.  The roster is easy to use and can be found here  Pay close attention to detail and don’t assume the handgun you want is “close enough,” or must be fine since it’s only a different color.

We cannot accept firearms that California deems an assault weapon, no matter how easy it is to convert them.  This is a long and complicated subject.  The most common issue is with some semi-automatic rifles.  The seller should know about this, but it’s the customer’s responsibility.  It can get very expensive to make this mistake so customers are encouraged to check with us before buying.  Using the auction “contact” will get us an email, but never specifies the gun in the auction.  Please email a link to with a link and/or details.

Family transfers are handled the same way.  However, if it a handgun less than 50 years old, and it’s not on the approved list, we can only do the transfer as a gift from parents, grandparents, or children.  It cannot go between siblings, uncles, cousins, etc.

Waiting Period
There is a 10 day background / "cooling off" period in which the purchaser / receiver of the firearm must wait.  It is ten 24-hour periods starting when the  paperwork is submitted at our shop or the gun show.  We do not call customers unless there is a problem.  After the waiting period (by date and time of day) is over the customer comes in to finalize the paperwork and take the firearm home.

Ammunition Orders
We do accept orders.  If the vendor needs our FFL or Ammunition Vendor license, they can email us, or the customer can send us their email address.  The customer should track the shipment, and when it showed delivered, they should come into the shop and  get their ammunition.  There is a $21 fee for the first three packages.  Add $10 per package after that.  There will be a background check and tax (if it wasn't already collected by the seller).  Customers must bring the receipt.

Ammunition Background Checks
The State of CA requires a background check for ammunition.  The background check should be instant, in that, it matches customer information to the AFS record on file.  AFS is populated by gun registrations.  If the customer has not purchased a handgun ever, or a long gun since January 1, 2014, they probably won't have any record in AFS.  In that case, we can do a "Basic" background check which costs $19 (for the state) and it could be a few days to clear.  Once cleared the customer will have 30 days in which to buy all the ammunition they like.  Or, they can send in a voluntary gun registration with $19 to DOJ and that will fix the problem forever, however, it could take some time for the gun to be registered.

Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC)
Everyone, with little exception, needs an FSC to acquire any firearm.  To get an FSC the person must pass a 30-question written test.  The test is offered in English and Spanish.  The card is $25 and is good for 5 years.  For most people the test is common sense and they easily pass.  There is an online study guide, but a lot of people are able to do very well with just common sense..  No appointment necessary.

Our classes are branded as "Threat Scenarios."  We offer a wide variety of classes from complete beginner to expert, in several disciplines and formats.  Check out the Training button on the menu locate here

All communication for classes should go directly to Brian Brisco

CCW Classes (Defensive Handgun II)
We mention just one of our classes here because this one generates the most questions.  All certificates will indicate 29 Outdoor Gear and Threat Scenarios, so it's good in many jurisdictions, including Napa (city and county), Solano, Sonoma, and more.  Please verify with the issuing authority if they will take our certificate, if we are not specifically listed on their site.  We teach the 16-hour NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course.  Some issuing authorities only require and 8-hour course.  There are places that offer that, but our two day class offers very high quality training in the civil, criminal, and shooting aspects.  We want to you to be well prepared, not just quickly signed off.  Classes can be found here

CCW Renewal
Simply choose a 2-day CCCW class (see above).  Click “Book Now,” and more options will appear.  California CCW renewals are a minimum of 4 hours.  However, some will opt for the eight-hour day to get in more shooting practice, for a smaller amount of money.  The cost is listed on the website

Purchasing or Acquiring a Firearm
You will need a CA driver’s license or ID Card

1) Valid California ID, driver's license, or out of state military with station orders.
2) You must be 21 years old, or older, to purchase any firearm in CA.  Exception – you may purchase a shotgun or rifle if you are 18 and have a hunting license.
3) You must be a US citizen or permanent resident with a green card or other ID with an Alien Registration number.
4) Cannot be prohibited (No felons or those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence)
5) Firearm Safety Certificate, except:
Active or Retired peace officer/military (with current ID showing “retired.”)
Exposed carry (guard) or concealed carry permit (CA CCW)
For Long Guns ( Shotguns, Rifles, Receivers), a valid Hunting License will work as an exemption.

Additional documentation

If your CA DL/ID says, “Federal Limits Apply,” you will need a passport or birth certificate before you pick it up.

HANDGUN PURCHASE (DL/ID with correct address)
If you’re the address on your CA ID is correct, you will need to satisfy the state with another proof of there you live.

-Vehicle Registration
-Home business license
-Parking permit showing address
-Military station orders
-Utility bill less than 90 days old (not garbage, DMV Registration Renewal, Auto insurance)
-Hardwired telephone (NO cell phones)
-Cable (Xfinity / Comcast)
-Satellite TV
-Alarm system monitoring
-Residential Lease date of firearm purchase must be within the lease period.

HANDGUN PURCHASE (DL/ID with incorrect address)
If you’re the address on your CA ID is not correct, you will need to satisfy the state (list above) AND feds (list below) with another proof of there you live.  You may use a combination of one of each.  Vehicle registration is most common and works for both state and federal proof.

-Vehicle Registration
-Military Identification and official orders showing permanent duty station in California.
-A government issued document showing current name and current residence address.  There are many documents that are acceptable.  It can be ANY LEVEL of government issue including federal, state, and local documents.  Here are some examples
-Voter Identification Card
-Tax Bill